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This Week In React - Job offer

Hey, Sebastien from This Week In React here 👋

I'm looking for a clone of myself to help me create the content of this newsletter 😄

Why would you want to help me?

  • It is paid correctly
  • It can help develop your personal brand
  • You get paid to stay up-to-date and become more knowledgeable
  • You might want to reach my audience for promoting your own things
  • We might have other aligned interests

The ideal candidate:

  • is knowledgeable on both React and React-Native
  • is able to curate and comment a full issue on their own when I'm not available
  • is willing to commit 10-16h of work per issue
  • is willing to do this on a long term basis
  • is able to communicate clearly and use a simple, concise language
  • has a good radar for interesting weak signals, and a good bullshit content detector
  • understand the codes of social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram...) or willing to learn

If you can do 80% of what I do, that's ok probably for me, I know I won't find an exact clone of myself 😅

We can start small with single week test, then replace me when I'm on off, and then scale and let you write half of the issues if things go well.

Interested? Email me at to discuss details.