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📨 #110: Fresh, Hydrogen, Next.js, Remix, Storybook, useEffect, MJML, MDX, React-Native, ES2022...

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Sébastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer

This Week In React #110: Fresh, Hydrogen, Next.js, Remix, Storybook, useEffect, MJML, MDX, React-Native, ES2022...

Hi everyone!

Another busy week with lots of releases 🤪 Hydrogen 1.0, Fresh 1.0, Next.js 12.2, React-Native 0.69...

I liked Josh Comeau's article on MDX-based emailing: this is exactly the setup I want to adopt for this newsletter 👌.

Speaking of this newsletter, I'm still looking for a solution to make the content more "digestible". What do you think about the idea of a daily newsletter? That means a more frequent email, but also a much shorter one.

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Fresh 1.0

The Preact framework officially supported by Deno is now v1 and considered production-ready. Fresh reminds me of a mix between Remix and Astro: no JS by default, progressive enhancement, multi-page app with islands architecture. There is no build step: you deploy directly your TypeScript/Deno app to the Edge in a few seconds.

How We Built Hydrogen

Hydrogen, Shopify's React meta-framework for building e-commerce stores, just went v1.0 and was one of the first to rely on React Server Components. This article is an interesting feedback on the creation of the framework, detailing various choices made over time: React Server Components, Vite, Tailwind, preloading/waterfall, GraphQL fragments...

Next.js 12.2

Latest version of Next.js. The main theme is the gradual adoption of the Edge and standardized web APIs: middleware, but also API routes and SSR. There are also improvements on images, and a system of SWC plugins in WebAssembly.

My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow

Josh Comeau explains how he writes his emails with MDX, then uses MJML, React and Next.js to create the final HTML output that will work in all email clients, sent through ConvertKit, and will also be available on the web.

Data Flow in Remix

The initial model of React can be summarized as ui = f(state). The problem is that this model does not really take into account network synchronization (i.e. API calls). Jim explains how Remix takes the React model and includes the network, thus reducing the need for local state management.

You Might Not Need an Effect

New doc page written by Dan Abramov, just merged to the beta site. Effects exist for synchronization with an external system. Many anti-patterns are presented with concrete examples and even challenges. Even experienced devs should read it. Some things may surprise: like using setState while rendering 😱. I particularly liked the useSyncExternalStore example.

What is the recommended way to load data for React 18?

Dan Abramov explains on Reddit why data fetching via useEffect is not ideal. However, there is no need to rewrite your application on the spot if it doesn't have any UX issue: those problems are not new in React 18, just better documented. See also comments on React-Native data-fetching.


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Announcing React Native 0.69

First version of React-Native to support React 18. To use the new features of Concurrent React, you will have to migrate to the new architecture first. The Hermes distribution mode has also changed: each version of React-Native will be associated with a Hermes version guaranteed compatible.



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