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📨 #112: Astro, Radix, Remix, Next.js, MDX, Storybook, Expo 46, Skia, TanStack, TC39, Docusaurus...

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Sébastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer

This Week In React #112: Astro, Radix, Remix, Next.js, MDX, Storybook, Expo 46, Skia, TanStack, TC39, Docusaurus...

Hi everyone!

Looks like a lot of devs are already on vacation 😎. On my side I will also skip some editions this summer to rest.

This week, we have a good variety of React and React-Native content. A lot of very positive feedback from the community on Bun!

On my side, Docusaurus 2.0 should be released soon, after 4 years of alpha/beta. I hope you will help me to make the launch a success! I'm thinking of sending you a different email for the occasion, to better present this tool I'm working on for Facebook.

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Statements Vs. Expressions

Josh Comeau is preparing his next course on React. He proposes to go back to the basics of JavaScript, and thus allow a better understanding of how JSX works, which only works with expressions. On the same topic, I would love to see the do-expressions proposal progress 😇.

How to build connected components in Storybook

An official Storybook article that explains well all you can do with decorators: add a layout, global providers, mock a Redux store or requests... It can help to add "connected" components to your Storybook that otherwise can't be rendered due to context dependencies.

How I Estimate NPM Package Market Share (and how Redux usage compares to other libraries)

Mark Erikson (Redux) explains how he analyzes npm package usage trends, based on various more or less reliable tools. Download stats are often related to CI builds. He uses React state managers as an example. He now estimates Redux / React usage at 33% (previously 45-50%)

Actionless and Stateless Reducers in React

useReducer() is not reserved for complex cases: it can also be used for very simple state machines, like changing a boolean from false to true.


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