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πŸ“¨ #116: Next.js, Gatsby, Blitz, Fresh, Astro, Preact, Redwood, Deno, Remotion, React-Native, Expo, TypeScript, Lightning CSS...

Β· 5 min read
SΓ©bastien Lorber

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to inform you that my first email sent from ConvertKit has been received by most of you: my email provider migration is successful!

And I'm also very happy with the reception of my article on useSyncExternalStore! Thanks for your many feedbacks, I will try to write more soon. The idea is to have a 100% dedicated email on a specific topic, to learn something new in a short time.

Otherwise, the weekly curation newsletter is back. This is a bit of a special edition: I've put all the interesting links from the last few weeks. There are way too many and I can't comment on them this time πŸ˜… Don't worry, we'll resume the usual format with my comments at the end of September when I get back from vacation!

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