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πŸ“¨ #135: Signals, Sandpack, React doc, Server References, TanStack Start, Next.js, Remix, Hydrogen, Storybook, Expo, TypeScript, rspack...

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SΓ©bastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer

Hi everyone!

After a little break, we catch up with 2 weeks of news: a packed edition!

This Week In React just celebrated its 3rd birthday! I made a little thread to explain where I am, including links to my "build in public" pages. TLDR: the newsletter is finally viable, with more than 17500 subscribers, growing fast, and 27k€ turnover in 2022. Thanks you for supporting me over the years and making all this possible!

The Call for Paper for the React-Native-Connection conference (June 1st in Paris) is open. Don't hesitate to participate. Travel and 2 nights of hotel are taken care of for the speakers. I am part of the program committee.

I'm going to change the way I do the Twitter thread for various reasons. In particular, I find that the formality of the thread makes me less authentic and does not spark any interesting discussions. I also feel that the Twitter algorithm is becoming less and less fond of external links and is penalizing me. I will continue to be active on Twitter to share React news with you, but in another form.

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    useSignal() is the Future of Web Frameworks

    useSignal() is the Future of Web Frameworks

    Misko is the creator of Qwik and AngularJS. He highlights the interest of signals, and makes a comparison with the way React works. React uses directly the value of the state, while signals use a getter, and create subscriptions when this getter is called.

    Signals allow for automatic optimization of re-renders with fine granularity, without the need for memoization. Intermediate components that sometimes only do props drilling do not need to re-render.

    This article was published the day after the Angular announcement that plans to use signals (a demo is now available).

    Andrew Clark has commented on the potential introduction of signals in React. He prefers for the moment to bet on the React Forget compiler, which we should have news soon via a React Labs article. I think it's a good thing that React is going against the trend and continue to explore the current direction.

    Announcing Sandpack 2.0 and a Node.js runtime for any browser

    Announcing Sandpack 2.0 and a Node.js runtime for any browser

    CodeSandbox announced the new version of Sandpack, a tool that allows to create interactive live-coding experiences in the browser (code editor + preview). Sandpack integrates well with React thanks to a dedicated package. The v1 was already used on the new React beta docs site, by Josh Comeau and many others.

    This v2 is based on the new NodeBox technology which allows to run Node.js in the browser. It is possible to run Next.js, Vite, Astro and other stacks.

    This reminds of StackBlitz's technology, that just announced the WebContainers API. The Sandpack article explains the differences between NodeBox and WebContainers technologies.

    useSignal() is the Future of Web Frameworks

    React.js: The Documentary

    You probably already know that a documentary about React is out πŸ˜‰ ! I'm putting some cool bonus links:

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      Expo SDK 48 beta is now available

      Expo SDK 48 beta is now available

      The new SDK Expo was released in beta almost 2 weeks ago. The stable version should be available vey soon! Highlights:

      • React Native 0.71.3 - React 18.2.0
      • Expo Image v1 RC
      • Expo Router v1 RC
      • EAS builders under M1 by default
      • Hermes engine by default
      • All Expo modules support Fabric - experimental

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