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πŸ“¨ #141: 20.000 subscribers πŸ₯³, Next.js, Storybook, React Visualized, Remix, Chakra, Modern.js, Reselect, React-Native Benchmarks, Expo...

Β· 8 min read
SΓ©bastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer

Hi everyone!

We just passed a milestone: you are now over 20,000 subscribers! πŸ₯³οΈ

Thanks to all of you for giving me your attention every week and for helping me grow this project! If you want to give me a hand: word-of-mouth works well. I'm setting up a referral program that will soon allow me to know my best ambassadors, and to thank or reward them.

Having a critical mass of readers is important: it allows to find sponsors and compensate for the fact that I spend 50% of my time on it. After 3 years of effort, I've finally reached sustainability: it will give me the freedom to test new ideas without taking too many risks.

Otherwise, this week is marked by the release of Next.js 13.3 and Storybook 7.0. React Visualized is a very nice resource for beginners. I discovered Modern.js. Some good articles about React, Remix and Chakra UI. Calm on React-Native side.

For React-Native developers, don't miss the App.js conference in Krakow on May 10-12. It was a very good experience for me last year πŸ‘Œ. They offer us -20% on workshops.

πŸ’‘ Check this newsletter on Twitter - visual format 🎨

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    React-admin - The Open-Source Framework for B2B apps

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    React-admin offers a library of 150+ business-oriented components. It's not a UI kit: it leverages the best UI kit for React, MUI. React-admin boosts developer productivity by assembling the best-in-class libraries, managing all the repetitive stuff you shouldn’t have to deal with.

    Its strongest point? The best developer experience you'll ever have, backed by an awesome documentation and a vibrant community. And it only takes 30 minutes to get started πŸš€

    React-admin has been actively maintained for 5 years, and has already convinced more than 20,000 developers worldwide. Come try it, it is free, forever! 😁

    βš›οΈ React​

    Next.js 13.3

    Next.js 13.3

    Some very nice new features in this new Next.js release. The new App Router will soon be considered as stable.

    • File-Based Metadata API: new file system conventions to generate sitemaps, robots, favicons... See also this visual thread.
    • Dynamic Open Graph Images: integration of @vercel/og and Satori directly in Next.js to generate social cards via JSX and CSS/Tailwind.
    • Static Export: Next.js can run Server Components at build time and produce a static export of your app that does not require a server runtime.
    • Parallel Routes: the layout component can define multiple slots that will be filled by different pages.
    • Interception Routes: allows to implement "Instagram" type routing patterns, a photo can be opened in a modal or in full screen depending on where you come from.
    • Many other improvements.

    React, Visualized

    React, Visualized

    A very nice visual and interactive resource to discover React. To share with beginner React devs within your team.

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      • UI for MDX components
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      πŸ”€ Other​

      🀭 Fun​

      React was a mistake

      See ya! πŸ‘‹

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