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πŸ“¨ #144: Server Actions, Million.js, Rendering, Layout Animations, Qwik, Lingui, Remix, React-Router, React-Native macOS, Expo Modules, Ignite...

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SΓ©bastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer

Hi everyone!

This week is "launch week" for Vercel which should make some nice announcements about React, Next.js and its cloud offer. We already have a small preview of what is coming very soon in Next.js!

There are quite a few great articles to read this week, including some interactive ones. I particularly liked to learn more about Million.js and its concept of "block virtual DOM".

On the React-Native side, the macOS platform is catching up with the release of v0.71, and Expo makes it easier than ever to use local native modules.

There are a lot of React conferences in the next weeks, we should have great announcements! By the way, you might see a flyer for my newsletter at one of them! I'm counting on you to convince your colleagues to sign up for the newsletter.

Speaking of conferences, React Summit (Amsterdam June 2-6) is the biggest React conference in the world. They offer us a 5% discount (code "ThisWeekInReact5").

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    βš›οΈ React​

    Introducing storage on Vercel

    Introducing storage on Vercel

    Vercel has just launched its edge-first storage offering, particularly suited for use in React Server Components and Next.js:

    • Vercel KV: store key-value Redis, based on Upstash.
    • Vercel Postgres: PostgreSQL database, based on Neon.
    • Vercel Blob: file storage, based on Cloudflare R2.

    It's Vercel Ship week: more news should be announced in the next few days. The image chosen leads us to believe that there will be a Next.js release tomorrow, introducing a new feature Next.js Server Actions. This also reveals the will to improve progressive enhancement in React apps, in a way quite similar to Remix: this form can also work without JavaScript or hydration.

    Note: this example is not vulnerable to SQL injections because it uses template literals.

    Million.js - Virtual DOM: Back in Block

    Million.js - Virtual DOM: Back in Block

    Interactive article that presents Million.js and its "Block Virtual DOM" concept. Its approach to diffing is different: non-recursive, based on static analysis, compilation and dirty checking, quite similar to Svelte.

    Million.js does not replace React, but integrates with it to improve performance. It is recommended to use it only in some very specific cases: a lot of static content and UI trees with a stable structure.

    The Interactive Guide to Rendering in React

    The Interactive Guide to Rendering in React

    Interactive article that explains when React re-render a component. A good resource for beginners, with detailed explanations on setState(fn), batching, memo, StrictMode etc...

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      πŸ“± React-Native​

      Introducing React Native macOS 0.71

      Introducing React Native macOS 0.71

      Microsoft skipped the v0.69 and v0.70 releases to go directly to v0.71. The goal is now to stay up to date with the other platforms: v0.72 work is in progress. This platform version alignment looks super useful: according to feedback it is not easy to mix different React-Native versions within a single monorepo.

      The newly released v0.71 brings experimental support for Fabric, as well as all the new features that have recently been released on other platforms: TypeScript, Flexbox... Microsoft and Meta collaborate and the use of this platform seems to grow within the 2 companies: Meta uses React-Native macOS on Messenger Desktop for example.

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