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πŸ“¨ #151: Remotion, Next.js, SVG-in-JS, TypeScript, Expo, VisionCamera, Conform, TinyBase, i18n, App Clips, ES2023, CommonJS...

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SΓ©bastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer

Hi everyone!

We've got some great releases this week, with Remotion 4 and Expo SDK 49 in beta. Next.js devs are working on DX optimizations. The articles on React + SVG and VisionCamera are super interesting.

Remotion 4 is on ProductHunt today: don't hesitate to vote! πŸ‘

No newsletter next week, see you on 18 July πŸ‘‹

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    βš›οΈ React​

    Remotion 4.0

    Remotion 4.0

    Remotion lets you create videos with React. This week, it's Remotion v4 launch week, kicked off by a Keynote that demonstrates well the renderer's new 3D SVG capabilities. Announcements are scheduled each day to present the new features, which are also detailed in the blog post. Here are a few highlights:

    • Remotion Studio: Zod-based visual props editing, render button...
    • Rust-powered architecture, FFmpeg baked in, 2x faster OffthreadVideo
    • SVG 3D engine
    • Tailwind, Rive integration

    There's also a launch on ProductHunt today so don't hesitate to vote ;)

    RBreaking Up with SVG-in-JS in 2023

    Breaking Up with SVG-in-JS in 2023

    Very comprehensive article on the various ways of using SVGs in a React app, and their impact on performance. Advises against "SVG-in-JS": you should avoid rendering SVG markup via React components and having the SVG code be present in the JS bundle, including via solutions such as the SVGR loader. With a few exceptions, it's best to avoid inlining SVGs in HTML: React Server Components aren't necessarily an ideal solution either. SVG sprites are a good solution.

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      Expo SDK 49 beta is now available

      Expo SDK 49 beta is now available

      The new 49 SDK has just been released, in beta for around a week. A release packed with lots of great improvements, it's difficult to list them all. Here are my highlights:

      • React-Native v0.72
      • Expo Router v2 RC
      • Reanimated v3
      • Network debugging, VS Code debugging
      • React devtools built-in
      • Environment variables
      • Local Expo Modules
      • Experimental support for Fabric in expo-dev-client

      Reinventing Camera Processing - TensorFlow Lite GPU straight from JavaScript

      Reinventing Camera Processing - TensorFlow Lite GPU straight from JavaScript

      Marc Rousavy explains how he is able to run TensorFlow models on React-Native Vision Camera v3 (demo). His plugin has just been open-sourced in VisionCamera v3 rc.3. The article is fairly technical, explaining how it works internally to run at 60+ FPS. TLDR: it's now very easy to integrate a TensorFlow model into Vision Camera, and draw some real-time feedback via React-Native-Skia. There's no need to write native code, and all this logic can even be deployed via Over-The-Air updates!

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