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πŸ“¨ #156: Server Actions, Stale Closures, React Falls Behind, Expo Builds, Suspense Throttling, React-Aria, Natuerlich, Obsidiosaurus, Expo-SQLite, Expo DevTools...

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SΓ©bastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer

Hi everyone!

This week, we've got many articles from the React and React-Native community, and the latest Expo Launch Party announcements. Some articles are very long, and I didn't have time to read them all.

πŸ“· I've been too busy creating the newsletter's Instagram account! I plan to post visual React news and tips there, including the best memes I couldn't include here 🀭.

πŸ§‘ I've also removed the Jobs section, which didn't add much: I'll see later how to reintegrate it.

πŸ‘₯ For React-Native devs: React Native EU (WrocΕ‚aw/Poland, 7-8 September) is offering us a -15% discount on admissions.

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    βš›οΈ React​

    Can React Server Actions finally fix forms?

    Can React Server Actions finally fix forms?

    A great introduction to Server Actions, a forthcoming React feature that has already been integrated into Next.js 13.4 (experimental). Includes a short tutorial on uploading a video with a title. Server Actions can return a response to give feedback to the user, but it's clear that this isn't yet an ideal DX.

    In my opinion, Server Actions should aim to fully support progressive enhancement. This probably requires to introduce a "flash" API to manage feedback without any client-side JavaScript. This exists in many backend frameworks, and Remix offers a (session.flash()) API. Related info that might interest you: with action.$$FORM_ACTION you can extend React's progressive enhancement behavior.

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      πŸ“± React-Native​

      Expo Preview - Fully customizable builds on EAS Build

      Expo Preview - Fully customizable builds on EAS Build.

      Expo has come up with a new system for EAS Build that allows you to customise the flow with a Yaml file, which should give you a lot of flexibility to use the monorepo tools of your choice (Nx, Turbo, Rush...) or add your own CI steps. It looks quite similar to GitHub Actions. TIL: it seems EAS is using Fastlane on iOS builds.

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