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πŸ“¨ #167: Aria Components, Hydration, Remix, Server Components, useSyncExternalStore, cache, perf, Glow, Unistyles, Expo, :has(), Tailwind, date-fns...

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SΓ©bastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer
Benedikt MΓΌller
Indie Hacker

Hi everyone!

Once again this week, we have a good mix of articles and releases.

Firefox 121 is out, making CSS :has() officially cross-browser supported πŸ₯²

That's the last issue of the year. The newsletter should be back on January 3.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for reading me throughout the year ❀️️

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    βš›οΈ React​

    React Aria Components 1.0

    React Aria Components 1.0

    Devon just 🐦 announced the stable release of React Aria Components 1.0. Over 40 components with built-in behavior, adaptive interactions, top-tier accessibility, and internationalization out of the box, ready for your styles.

    React Hydration Overlay

    React Hydration Overlay - Easily Squash Hydration Errors

    A brand-new project that permits to add a handy error overlay to help debugging hydration errors. For now, this can be added to Next.js sites thanks to a Webpack plugin, but this is a much-needed feature that we all hope to see land in React core.

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      πŸ“± React-Native​

      Unistyles 2.0

      Welcome to Unistyles 2.0!

      Unistyles is a cross-platform styling library. It is built as a superset of StyleSheet (if you use React Native, you’re probably familiar with StyleSheet.create …) similar to how TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. First released just three months ago, it has since gained over 500 stars on GitHub and is now approaching its second major version with enhanced TypeScript types, no dependence on React Context anymore, and fresh C++ bindings to boost performance. A very interesting new feature is the addition of plugin support, which could enable some interesting new use cases.

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      See ya! πŸ‘‹

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