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πŸ“¨ #137: Code Extraction, Server Components, Signals, Forget compiler, Next.js, Astro, Deno, Remix, Preact, Signia, TypeScript...

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SΓ©bastien Lorber
Newsletter Editor - Docusaurus maintainer

Hi everyone!

This week, there is still a lot of content about signals, but it's the turn of Server Components to take over the discussions!

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    WTF Is Code Extraction

    WTF Is Code Extraction

    MiΕ‘ko (Qwik) explains the advantages of co-locating server/client code in the same file and the limitations of the current Next.js model (export extraction): you can only declare one getServerSideProps function and you have to make use of ReturnType to inject the right data type into the client component. Function extraction and closure extraction offer a better developer experience.

    These techniques are not yet used in the React world today, but we can expect to see them appear in our frameworks soon. The Qwik team plans to decouple its code extraction from the framework. Tanner Linsley is collaborating with them and is already using this type of extraction on Bling, the toolkit that should power the upcoming TanStack Start framework.

    I think we can also include React Server Components in the category of techniques that allow to seamlessly mix server/client code: we should rather consider this solution when discussing the current limits of Next.js.

    React Server Components

    React Server Components

    After signals, it's the turn of Server Components to be in the spotlight this week. Dan Abramov triggered many discussions while looking for good mental models to explain the new feature. You'll have to dig into these discussions to find the analogies that speak to you the most.

    Server Components could also have unsuspected benefits: a communication layer for Electron threads or a flexible data-layer for static site generators.

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